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Foreign Language Institute is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most reliable document translation services for attorneys, patent agents, and scientific advisors working in the field of Intellectual Property and Patent Law.  While many translation companies say they can translate patents, and related intellectual property materials, our translation service  specializes in this area and devotes its creative energy to mastering the patent translation process. Our clients benefit from having a translation staff that is experienced in the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of intellectual property translation. We always match the translator to the patent, using a careful and concise approach to find the most qualified translator for every project.

In addition to intellectual property translation, the Foreign Language Institute expertly handles the closely related areas of technical and legal translation.  Technical translation services include more than just patent translation!  The wide range of foreign language technical materials that can affect the outcome of litigation is often a great hurdle for attorneys and their staff.  We can make that problem part of your solution.  Document identification, analysis, and ultimately translation are what we do every day.  Legaltranslation is also one of our great strengths.  We provide translation of complaints, exhibits and virtually any kind of supporting documents. Count on us for superior results and timely delivery!

Established in 1991,The Foreign Language Institute operates “24/7”. Our clients can always reach the Institute’s Director, Mr. Stan Lichtman, MA, MBA, to check on the status of on an ongoing project or to receive a quotation for a new project. Rush translations can be accommodated over weekends and holidays, often with little or no cost increase.  We provide delivery in virtually any format, over the Internet or by courier.  It is our purpose to accommodate your translation needs.  Serving our client is our number one goal!

Our Director, Mr. Stan Lichtman, holds a Masters Degree in Linguistics from Cornell University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin.  Having almost 30 years of professional linguistic experience, Mr. Lichtman can read almost all major European and Asian languages and provides invaluable direction to the Foreign Language Institute. In addition, his years of experience directly involved in the translation of intellectual property documents assures that your patents, journal papers, technical reports and related materials will be handled by fully qualified professional translators, totally dedicated to achieving the highest translation standards.

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